Background: The eyelids contain oil glands (meibomian glands), located on the eye side of the eyelashes. These glands secrete a very thin layer of oil to help coat the eye and keep it moist. It is common for these oils to become thick and not coat the eye adequately, a condition known as Blepharitis. This can cause dry eye symptoms. Below is a list of methods to treat thickened oils and help optimize the tear film:

Eyelid Hygiene (3 steps to be done in sequential order):
1. Heat the oil glands to thin the oil.
• Take a warm, moist towel and place it flat over closed eyelids for  approximately 30 seconds.

2. Express the oil

          • Use your finger to place gentle pressure with circular motion over upper and lower eyelids in 3 or 4 positions across each eye lid.

3. Wash the oil off
• Use warm tap water tor eyewash solutions to gently wash excess oil from the oil glands, along the eyelashes

Blepharitis and Dry eye
Flax seed oil capsules
Flax seed oil capsules thin the eyelid (meibomian) gland oils and help
stabilize the tear film.
Take 2 in the morning and one at night.
We recommend Optimal Flax which is available at the front desk.

Dry Eye

Artificial tears or lubricant drops
• Use one drop 4 times per day.
– The following artificial tears have a very mild preservative and
can be used more than 4 times per day if needed:
-Systane (thick)
-Genteal (thick)
-Refresh (thin)

• A pea-size drop of nighttime ointment can be places along the inner part
of the lower eyelid to lubricate the eye while you sleep and prevent
problems upon awakening.
– We recommend Lacrilube or Refresh PM .