Reconstructive Surgery


Trust Dr. Boxrud for Your Eye Surgery

Maybe you’ve experienced orbital trauma or tumors, thyroid eye disease, an eye injury, or have problems with your eyelids. No matter how minor the eye issue or how major the surgical procedure you’re considering for your eyes, place Dr. Cynthia Boxrud at the top of your best choices for eye surgery list.

Dr. Boxrud is a highly respected medical specialist in Facial Ophthalmic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Orbital and Ophthalmic Oncology. She is very involved in the ophthalmic educational community, through work outside her practice as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Jules Stein Institute/UCLA and Providence St. John’s in Los Angeles. This “outside the box” thinking assures that she’s on top of the latest reconstructive and aesthetic procedures and studies.

Dr. Boxrud regularly performs surgeries and consults on eye, eye socket (orbital) and eyelid conditions related to:

  • Dry Eyes & Tearing, Tear Duct Obstructions
  • Eye Socket Infections, Trauma & Tumors
  • Eyelid Cancer & Tumors
  • Eye Infections and Eye Injuries
  • Upper or lower Eyelids Problems
  • Thyroid related Eye Problems

Dry Eyes & Tearing

If your eyes are alternately dry then watery and you’ve tried over-the-counter or prescription eye drops and eye treatments, you may need more intensive treatment. Contact Dr. Boxrud for an examination and eye consultation.

Tear Duct Obstructions

If you’re experiencing excessive tearing, mucous or blurred vision, you need to see Dr. Boxrud. Tear duct obstructions can cause symptoms that range from discharge to pain or infection. Should antibiotics alone not work, you may need DCR surgery (daacryocystorhinsotomy) to fix your eye. It’s an outpatient procedure with a greater than 90% success rate.

Eye Socket Infections, Injuries & Tumors

Orbital (eye socket) and eye infections and injuries are not only a serious threat to your vision, but also can threaten your life. They can happen because of an eye area injury or in relation to a sinus infection or thyroid issue. (Think about it: sinus infections happen immediately adjacent to your eyes; avoid delay of treatment.) If your eye becomes infected, treatment needs to be immediate and assertive.

Should you suddenly have trouble seeing clearly, don’t delay; see your ophthalmologist. Keep in mind that the eyelids are very sensitive, easily prone to everything from the benign wart to malignant carcinomas. While vision problems could be a minor issue, a CT scan or MRI is the best way to assure it’s not an orbital tumor. Some eye socket tumors grow slowly, others quickly cause problems. Dr. Boxrud, as a leading orbital and ophthalmic surgeon, will help you determine the most effective orbital surgery.

Upper and lower eyelid problems where the upper eyelid sags and interferes with your vision (ptosis), or the lower eyelid turn inward (entropion) or away from the eye (ectropion), are correctable issues. Dr. Boxrud can correct and treat these issues through ophthalmic surgery. She’ll never “over prescribe” a procedure, as she’s a firm believer that “less is more.” Dr. Boxrud’s conservative approach to eye surgery procedures also promotes patient safety. In fact, natural looking procedures with less down time and risk are her signature!