Voted best eyelid
surgeon in the Western
United States
by Net A-Porter
in 2016.


Dr. Cynthia Boxrud is a medical specialist in Facial Ophthalmic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Orbital and Ophthalmic Oncology. She is very involved in the ophthalmic educational community, through work outside her practice as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Jules Stein Institute/UCLA and Providence St. John’s in Los Angeles. This “outside the box” thinking assures that she’s on top of the latest reconstructive and aesthetic procedures and studies. Dr. Boxrud, in addition to the cosmetic procedures regularly performs surgeries and consults on eye, eye socket (orbital) and eyelid conditions related to: Dry Eyes & Tearing, Tear Duct Obstructions, Eye Socket Infections, Trauma & Tumors, Eyelid Cancer & Tumors, Eye Infections and Eye Injuries, Upper or lower Eyelids Problems, Thyroid related Eye Problems. She sees patients from all over the globe.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid surgery without removal of fat

Eyelids Turning in or out

Styes and Chalazions

Dry Eyes & Tearing

Drooping Eyelids